LCCI Level 3 Certificate In Accounting

LCCI Level 3 Certificate In Accounting

This Pearson LCCI Level 3 Certificate In Accounting course develops learner’s ability to apply the key principles of decision making in accounting. This LCCI course also helps build confidence in students to prepare and interpret accounts for different types of businesses, in accordance with UK accounting practice and basic accounting conventions.

Who is this for?

Recognition & Exemptions from Professional Bodies

Job benchmark

Helps students to gain an overview of the fundamental accounting concepts and principles that underlie all financial accounting.

Learning at this level is suitable for anyone working or intending to work in advanced accounting roles with a high level of autonomy.


  • Foundation Paper F3: Financial Accounting
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Banking Assistant
  • Finance Assistant

Curriculum covered in Level 3 Certificate In Accounting (VRQ)

  • Concepts and framework in accounting
  • Accounting for inventory, tangible and intangible non-current assets and depreciation
  • Preparation of extended trial balance and financial statements
  • Preparation of accounting from incomplete records
  • Calculate and interpret accounting ratios
  • Purposes of budgeting
  • Preparing and interpreting cash budget, inventory budget, trade receivables budget, trade payables budget and budgeted statements
  • Introduction to short-term and long-term decision making
Registration Fees:Waived for first 5 signups per class, $80 for the 6th signup per class
Material Fees:$50
Tuition Fees:$1000
Total Fees:$1000
Course Duration:51 hours / 5 months (17 lessons x 3 hours)
Class Timing:7pm to 10pm
Classroom Location:100 Peck Seah Street #08-14 Singapore 079333
DateTo Be Confirmed
Examination Fees:$190

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