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MYOB Inventory Training Course

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MYOB Training Courses Singapore

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Introduction to MYOB

  • 1. MYOB Single-User vs. MYOB multiple user
  • 2. Hands-on experience installing MYOB Premier V. 17 in your laptop
  • 3. Create a new company file based on a sample company in our case study

Hands-on Experience Setting Up a New Company File

  • 1. Learn to setup the correct company file information quickly

Creation of Accounts and Beginning Balances (from previous period)

  • 1. Create Accounts List based on the company’s accounts list without mistakes
  • 2. Setup Accounts Opening balances amount from the balance sheet
  • 3. Setup customers and amounts as beginning balances (Accounts Receivable)
  • 4. Setup suppliers and amounts as beginning balances (Accounts Payable)
  • 5. Create Inventory Items
  • 6. Using Shortcuts to quickly do the tasks

Data Exploration and System Management

  • 1. How to open the data files
  • 2. Running the company data verification
  • 3. How to close the data file

Data File Management

  • 1. Back up of files efficiently
  • 2. Restore MYOB files

Do note that we will be conducting the training using MYOB Premier software.

After you have completed your MYOB Basic training course, you are now prepared to attend the MYOB Intermediate Course. The course will train you on entering daily transactions affecting sales, purchases, banking. In addition, you will learn about GST and preparation of GST reports for GST filing purposes. At our MYOB training, you will have real hands-on experience on the day to day entering of transactions to prepare you for our MYOB advanced training course. Recording Daily Transactions in MYOB

  • 1. This covers the day-to-day transactions recording covering Sales, Purchases and Banking Transactions and make it quickly and easily to use MYOB’s built-in shortcuts:

Sales Transactions

  • 1. Recording of Sales Transactions – from Sales Quotations, Sales Orders and Sales invoices
  • 2. Sales Credit or Sales Returns Transactions
  • 3. Payment from Customers
  • 4. Option to track sales based on sales agents or sales referrals.

Purchases Transactions

  • 1. Recording of Purchases Transactions – from Purchase Quotes, Orders, Receipts and Supplier Bills
  • 2. Purchase Returns or Debit/Credit transactions
  • 3. Recording payment to suppliers or vendors

Banking Transactions

  • 1. Recording transactions through the Spend Money module
  • 2. Recording transactions through the Receive Money module.
  • 3. Performing bank reconciliation and tips to quickly identify reconciling items
  • 4. Quickly prepare adjusting entries using MYOB shortcut option.

GST and other Reports

  • 1. Learn how to setup GST and create the reports you need for GST filing
  • 2. Make sure to avoid errors in entering GST transactions

Do note that we will be conducting the training using MYOB Premier software.

After you have finished your MYOB Basic and Intermediate course, you are now ready to proceed to the MYOB Advance training session. This make you best prepared to the advanced phase of the training which include: Design of Forms

  • 1. Introduction to many forms in MYOB
  • 2. Toolbars and Tools available in MYOB
  • 3. Learn to customize forms based on your company needs and format
  • 4. Actual hands on in customizing your form.

Setup system control in MYOB closed period and reported financial reports

  • 1. How to avoid unauthorized manipulation of entered transactions
  • 2. Set up control for unauthorized data entry after you generate financial reports

Recording foreign currency transactions in MYOB

  • 1. Foreign currency setup in MYOB
  • 2. Recording foreign currency purchase and sales transactions
  • 3. Generation of foreign exchange reports and recognition of forex gain or loss

Provide tutorial on:

  • 1. How to record final or interim dividends declared in AGM or EGM
  • 2. Tutorial on entering salaries and record liability for employer/employee share for CPF contribution
  • 3. How to record depreciation of fixed assets and the accumulated depreciation
  • 4. How to record gain or loss on the sale or disposal of assets

Year-end Closing procedures

  • 1. Entering year-end adjustments and doing adjustments in the 13th month period before closing your current financial year
  • 2. Doing end of year backup before starting a new year.
  • 3. MYOB checks to perform before closing financial year.
  • 4. How to close your financial year and start a new financial year in MYOB

Users and MYOB access management and System Control

  • 1. As MYOB data administrator, creation of user access for the users of your MYOB file.
  • 2. Give different level of authorization or module access to your users.

Financial and Internal Control

  • 1. Setting up Preferences to control the transactions in MYOB and how these transactions are to be entered.
  • 2. Managing Edit and deletion of transactions access to users
  • 3. Lock of periods for those transactions already reported with the financial statements

Do note that we will be conducting the training using MYOB Premier software.

Please email for training schedules.

International Plaza – Beside Tanjong Pagar MRT

Please take note that:

  • We can arrange a close class if your company have a minimum of 6 participants.
  • All payments are accepted using only Singapore dollars, and are non-exchangeable or non refundable for other items.

Singapore Myob Course Objective

You just need basic computer knowledge to learn to use MYOB. We strongly recommend you enroll in these 3 courses to make you MYOB champion. Please bring your own laptop as we are going to install the MYOB Premier V.19 on your laptop.

Attending these 3 MYOB courses make you best prepared to level up from beginner knowledge to expert MYOB knowledge.

  • MYOB Basic Training Course
  • MYOB Intermediate Training Course
  • MYOB Advanced Training Course

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Please bring your own laptop running on Windows XP or more. Please do not use a laptop with Mac operating system for the training. A 30-day, trial version of MYOB Premier will be installed on your laptop on the training day. The MYOB files expire after 30 days trial. You would have ample time to explore and play around MYOB. Once you have purchased the licensed version of MYOB, you can continue to use the files created during the training session.

Attending the MYOB Basic Course is your first step to gain mastery in MYOB. This course gives you a walk-through and hands-on experience using case study and transactions. You need to take our MYOB Basic Training course before progressing to our MYOB Intermediate Training course. In this Basic training session, you will be able to learn the following:

After attending the MYOB Basic training course, you can progress to our MYOB Intermediate Course. Our MYOB Basic course helps you become better prepared to move on to more topics.


Time is fast changing and so is technology which impacts our daily lives. In the business world, you have to keep pace with the fast turnout of the business transactions so you can focus your time and efforts on growing the business. You cannot let the manual process of recording transactions tie you up. MYOB is the popular software in the business today. The software mean Mind Your Own Business, which is true. As a business owner, this means you have more time to make your business grow.

As the accountant or bookkeeper, this makes your work faster with many accounting transactions and very easy for you to check your own work or your employees. MYOB is user-friendly and it is easy for you to learn the features. MYOB do not need you to be a computer or program expert. You just need basic computer knowledge to learn to use MYOB. From installing MYOB, creation of sample company file, opening balances, recording daily sales and purchases and banking transactions. You will find bank reconciliation can be quick and easy as well

MYOB Training Courses Singapore has carefully planned the training sessions to make you learn MYOB quickly and easily. We now offer you 3 specially designed MYOB training sessions in Singapore. Each 7 hours training session is conducted by very experienced trainers and is your easy stepping stone to becoming a MYOB champion!