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Microsoft Powerpoint Software VS Google Slides- Which Is Better?

Google Slides and the Microsoft Powerpoint software are some of the most prominent presentation tools today. Their user base only continues to grow with every passing moment, however one can’t help but to question- which is the superior choice between the two? Today, we discuss the merits of both here. Exporting Both the Microsoft Powerpoint software and Google Slides facilitates users with the option to ...
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How To: Make Use Of The Morph Animation In Microsoft Powerpoint Presentations

The introduction of new features and functions into the Microsoft Powerpoint software grants users the ability to create a whole new level of interesting presentations. Of all animations that have been introduced, the Morph animation is one that has become quite the fascination as of late. Here’s how you can make use of the Morph animation features in your Microsoft Powerpoint presentations: Morph transitions require ...
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How to Apply Multiple Animation Effects Into Microsoft Powerpoint Presentations

The more animation effects are applied, the more complex your Microsoft Powerpoint presentations becomes. Bearing this in mind, take an objective look at the design elements in your presentation and prioritise the use of animation effects sparingly. You may notice that certain design elements require more than one animation effect in order to make it work. Here’s how you can apply multiple animation effects into ...
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5 Infographic Friendly Powerpoint Presentation Themes To Try Out

While software presentation tools are often built to support and handle graphics, there comes a time where even the best presentation tools have their limits. To combat that and better handle image heavy powerpoint presentations with elements like infographics, there are 5 infographic friendly Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation themes for users to try out: 1. Somalia Somalia is one of the most infographic friendly powerpoint presentation ...
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Troubleshooting: When Your Microsoft Powerpoint Software Stops

In the event that your Microsoft Powerpoint software stops responding or freezes, there are certain methods you can undertake to resolve the issue and prevent it from happening again. It is advised to check through these few troubleshooting techniques before you decide to contact Microsoft Office support for assistance. Here are some things to know: Often times, the Microsoft Powerpoint software can be affected by ...
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