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What Are The Latest Entries Into Microsoft’s Venerable Excel Series?

Microsoft Excel is probably the most used spreadsheet software in the world. It is one of the applications that come with the Microsoft Office. The spreadsheet is mainly used for recording, storing, and analyzing data. Since it was first introduced to the market in 1989, Microsoft Excel has been evolving gradually, and its efficiency and functionality has only been getting better. Every version of MS ...
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How to Create invoice templates with microsoft Excel

Did you know that you can actually use Microsoft Excel for a variety of other activities, including invoice templates? While it seems incredibly complicated, the actual process of creating invoice templates is actually rather straightforward. You just have to pay attention to certain detail and you will be all set. So, ready to start trying? Here’s how to start creating a template for invoices yourself: ...
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Creating drop down lists with 5 methods in excel

Drop down lists in Excel are a good method of organising and keeping your data in check. While the concept of creating functional drop down lists seem complicated, there are actually easy methods one can use to accurately create the drop down lists. One of these methods would be using data validation. Data validation is ideal when creating drop down lists since it improves data ...
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9 Popular Excel functions to work with

Microsoft Excel is a treasure mine of hidden goodies- everywhere you look, there are functions, features and formulas waiting to be discovered. The possibilities of what one can achieve with using Excel are virtually endless. If you are an Excel beginner, then there are 9 popular Excel functions you should begin using with your Excel projects: Find and Replace The Find and Replace function is ...
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Top 5 Excel 2013 Video Tutorials To Watch

If you are looking for Excel 2013 videos in order to brush up on your skills and effectively learn through visual engagement, you don’t have to spend too much time sifting through information that may not be necessarily relevant. Here are some of our top 5 Excel 2013 video tutorials that you should be catching up with: Official Sources If you are looking for Excel ...
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Mastering Excel Worksheet Annotation In 5 Steps

Prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed when working with large amounts of data everyday by learning to keep track of your data with Excel worksheet annotation. Not only will it be beneficial for you, it can also benefit your co-workers who are working on the same project with you. Here’s how you can use Excel worksheet annotation: 1. Adding annotations When it comes to creating excel ...
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How To: Use Nested Functions In Excel

Nested functions can potentially improve your Excel project quality, only if you understand it and use it well. Keep these in mind and you will be able to use it to it’s full potential. Here are how to go about using this hardly talked about function and why exactly you should be doing so: Nested functions refer to functions used as one of the arguments ...
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Using Advanced Excel Spreadsheets: Basic Dos and Dont’s

Think you already have a good grasp on Microsoft Excel’s basic functions? Want to challenge your own skill and knowledge by taking it up several notches? Why not give advanced excel spreadsheets a try? To help you get acquainted to a new side of Microsoft Excel, here are some basic dos and don’ts for you to pay in mind while you explore what the software ...
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Taming Hyperlinks: 5 Hidden Excel Practices To Try

Hyperlinks are a convenient practice to use when you want to link and navigate to external online sources quickly while doing everyday tasks or conducting a report. However, if there are actually 5 hidden excel practices that can help you go beyond the basic use of hyperlinks. Do you know any of these practices? To document One of the easiest and best excel practices is ...
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5 Professional Excel Time saving Tips

Working on a tight timeline with no time to lose? Save yourself a great deal of pressure by learning and incorporating these helpful productive excel time saving tips into your everyday routine and buy yourself precious time. Here’s 5 of what you should know and what you should be doing: Autofill Autofill is an ideal tool to use if you have a large amount of ...
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