MYOB Inventory Training Course (SkillsFuture Approved)

MYOB Inventory Training Course

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MYOB Inventory Training Courses Singapore

(SkillsFuture Approved)

  1. Introduction to MYOB Inventory Terminologies
  2. Setting up related inventory account codes
  3. How to create non-inventory items
  4. Setup inventory beginning balances
  5. Using Linked Accounts for Inventory, Sales and Purchases
  6. Creating Sales Invoices
  7. Creating Purchase orders and Supplier Bills
  8. Recording sales item returns (Sales Credit Note)
  9. Learn to Handle Backorders
  10. How to Convert Sales Order to Purchase Order, Purchase Order to Bill, Sales Order to Invoices
  11. Creating Auto-Build item for product package/promotion/h
  12. How to Build and Auto-Build Items
  13. Standard Costs – Setting up Preferences
  14. How to Handle Items received without Supplier Invoice
  15. How to set Item Price
  16. End-of-month inventory count
  17. Making Adjustments to Inventory
  18. Year-end Rollover for Item Movements
  19. Creating Item Code & Price Matrix
  20. Assigning customer-specific price level and sales layout.
  21. Setup Multiple-warehouse or multiple-inventory location
  22. How to Handle Negative Inventory
  23. Relocating Inventory through Move Items or Transfer Items
  1. Accountants
  2. Business owners
  3. Myob Accounting Software Users
  4. Administrator

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International Plaza – Beside Tanjong Pagar MRT

Please take note that:

  • We can arrange a close class if your company have a minimum of 6 participants.
  • All payments are accepted using only Singapore dollars, and are non-exchangeable or non refundable for other items.

Singapore Myob Inventry Course Objective

We are offering training on MYOB Inventory in Singapore so that you can learn about handling inventories from especially the stock-tracked inventory items. Case studies are conducted after discussions to reinforce knowledge and apply to a real business scenario. So contact us now or click on Signup to register for this course now.

It is very important for businesses who keep track of their stock buying and selling transactions. This is because you can lose big customer orders because you think your inventory level is enough to cover your customers’ orders. Only to find out during or few days before the sales orders shipment that your inventory quantities on hand are not enough! MYOB Inventory is designed efficiently manage inventories and even in multiple locations as well as back orders and selling items with multiple components and many more topics.