Microsoft Excel 2016 Courses Singapore

Microsoft Excel 2016 Courses Singapore

Microsoft Excel 2016 Training Objective:

Excel is one of the most commonly used administrative tool nowadays. Given its advantage of being able to manipulate and present data in an orderly manner, it is one of the basic software that people use nowadays. It has helped many users reduce unnecessary work with the aid of its functions and formulas. Being well versed in Excel will be a useful skill for the working adults.Our hands-on Excel courses focus on helping participants understand the interface and various features of Excel.

Curriculum covered in Excel 2016 Courses

Introduction to Excel 2016

  1. Introduction
  2. Excel 2016 Interface

Basic of Spreadsheet

  1. Open/Save/Create a new spreadsheet
  2. Moving around Workbook and Worksheet
  3. Key in different kind of data
  4. Editing and Removing data
  5. Autocorrect
  6. Flashfill and Autofill
  7. Drag and Drop
  8. Find and Replace

Edit Formatting of Spreadsheet

  1. Change Styles
  2. Themes
  3. Font Options: Underline, Bold, Italic
  4. Number
  5. Format Painter
  6. Alignment

Printing Setting

  1. Edit Print Properties
  2. Include Page Breaks
  3. Print Preview: Layout and Break
  4. Different Output

Computations and Formulas

  1. Simple Mathematical Calculation
  2. Making use of AutoSum Functions - Addition, Average, Min, Max
  3. Using Operators - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication ,Division ,Percentage.
  4. Auto Calculate
  5. Basic Formulas

Window Setting

  1. Different Views
  2. Multi Windows functions (Split/Freeze/Windows)
  3. Organise windows

Data Arrangement

  1. Using Sorting Option - Ascending ,Descending, Alphabetically, Custom
  2. Criteria - Contains, equal to, less than
  3. Grouping and Subtotals
  4. Filtering- AutoFilter ,Filter by Colour Coding and Text Filters
  5. Custom Filter

Data Evaluation

  1. Understand Formatting
  2. Conditional Formatting

Data Manipulation

  1. Data Validation
  2. Construct Data Validation Rules
  3. Use a formula to Validate Data Entries
  4. Use Database Functions
  5. Construct Criteria Range
  6. Database Function


Using Charts

  1. Introduction to Chart Design and Creation
  2. Simple Editing of Charts
  3. Moving and Changing size
  4. Changing Colour
  5. Edit Data
  6. Charts
  7. Edit Chart title, legend, labels
  8. Data Management
  9. Producing a Combination Cchart

Pivot Table and Pivot Charts

  1. Preparing Data to make a Pivot Table
  2. Construct Pivot Table
  3. Choosing Fields and Classifying Data
  4. Pivot Table Tool Tab Analysis
  5. Changing the displayed data and refreshing the Pivot Table
  6. Pivot Table Styles
  7. Present a Pivot Chart from a Pivot Table
  8. Producing a Pivot Chart from data


  1. IF Statement- SUMIF, COUNTIF, IF, AND, OR

Advanced Functions

  1. Name Range
  2. Absolute Cell Referencing
  3. VLOOKUP Formula
  4. HLOOKUP Formula
  5. Array Formula
  6. Index and Match
  7. Nested IF
  9. Transpose

Extra Tools

  1. Paste Unique
  2. Functioning with Sheets
  3. Hide or Show Comments
  4. Hyperlinks
  5. Worksheet with Password Security Protection
  6. Finding duplicates data


  1. Changing on the developer cursor
  2. Building Macro
  3. Editing Marco security setting
  4. Recording and Implementing Macro


  1. Joining Workbooks
  2. Several Workbook
  3. Sharing a Workbook and Monitor changes made
  4. Executing with extra data
  5. Using Formula to join Workbooks


  1. Several Worksheets
  2. Managing across worksheet
  3. Building 3-D Formulas
  4. Making use of Paste Link Feature
  5. Managing Link Updates
  6. Resolving Broken Links

Advanced Charting

  1. Create advanced graph and charts to enhance your excel report
  2. Sparkline
  3. Creation of Pivot Table and Pivot Charts (Complicated)

Case Study Investigation

Types of Cases

  1. Creating Case Studies
  2. Desired Outcome
  3. Given Data


  1. Solver Range
  2. Cell Constraints/Reference

Doing Reports and Examinations

  1. Finding Precedent and Dependent Cells
  2. Showing Formulas uses in the Worksheet
  3. Including ,Showing ,Changing and Deleting Comments
  4. Finding Formula Mistakes
  5. Making us of Trace Error Features
  6. Perform Error Checks
  7. Analysing Formulas

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Please take note that:

  • We can arrange a close class if your company have a minimum of 6 participants.
  • All payments are accepted using only Singapore dollars, and are non-exchangeable or non refundable for other items.