Adobe Photoshop CC Training Course Singapore (Skillsfuture Approved)

Adobe Photoshop CC Training Course Singapore

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Adobe Photoshop CC Training Courses Singapore (Basic)

(SkillsFuture Approved)

  1. Unit 1. Introduction to Photoshop CC
    • 1.1. About Photoshop software
    • 1.2. Introduction to Photoshop CC?
    • 1.3. About Buying Photoshop CC
  2. Unit 2. Getting to Know the Photoshop
    • 2.1. Interface of Photoshop
    • 2.2. Workspace of Photoshop
    • 2.3. Color mode, document size & bit depth
    • 2.4. File formats of Photoshop
  3. Unit 3. Understanding Graphic Images
    • 3.1. Raster versus Vector
    • 3.2. Create, Open & Import Images
    • 3.3. Understanding Image Size & Resolution
    • 3.4. Resize Images
    • 3.5. About Canvas Size
    • 3.6. How to Save Images
  4. Unit 4. Working with Layer
    • 4.1. Understanding Photoshop Layers
    • 4.2. Tools that are used to work with layers
    • 4.3. Layer Effects
    • 4.4. Layer Blending Modes
    • 4.5. Layer Fill & Opacity
  5. Unit 5. Working with Text
    • 5.1. Formatting of Text
    • 5.2. Text Styles
    • 5.3. Text Warp
    • 5.4. Enhancing photos with text
  6. Unit 6. Printing, Exporting & Sharing Images from Photoshop
    • 6.1. Print Images
    • 6.2. Export Images
    • 6.3. Share Images

Do note that we will be conducting the training using Adobe Photoshop CC.

Please email for training schedules.

International Plaza – Beside Tanjong Pagar

Please take note that:

  • We can arrange a close class if your company have a minimum of 6 attendees.
  • All payments are accepted using only Singapore dollars, and are non-exchangeable or non refundable for other items.

#Adobe Photoshop CC Basic Training Course Singapore (Skillsfuture Approved)

This exhilarating Adobe Photoshop CC Training Course provides the best way to learn photoshop for beginners.

This short course is formulated to help you construct an effective workflow and serves as a guide for outstanding navigation through the steps of image-editing from capture to output. Emphasis is placed on the fundamental techniques and skills whilst the terminology is kept as understandable as possible and in layman terms.

You will also be trained on retouching skills to help correct common problems in digital photography or common errors made by beginner photographers. You will also learn how to work with special effects and text.

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