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XERO Accounting Training

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XERO Training Course Singapore

(SkillsFuture Approved)

Introduction to Xero

  • 1. Getting Started in Xero
  • 2. What is cloud-based system
  • 3. Features and advantages of using Xero

Quick Xero Guide:

  • 1. Exploring Xero and getting to know Xero functions
  • 2.Xero Dashboard and shortcut tools.

Getting Started with Xero

  • 1. Creating a New Company in Xero
  • 2. Getting started to Xero Settings
  • 3. User Access and roles
  • 4. Setup of Chart of Accounts
  • 5. Setup Account Opening Balances from the Balance Sheet
  • 6. Setup of Beginning Balances for Customer Accounts
  • 7. Setup of Beginning Balances for Supplier Accounts

Setting up Bank Account

  • 1. How to Add Bank Account in Xero
  • 2. Activating Bank Feeds from your bank into Xero
  • 3. Import bank statement transactions

Contact Management

  • 1. Getting familiar with Contacts
  • 2. Set up Contacts
  • 3. Editing Contacts in Xero

Inventory Management

  • 1. Creating Non Stock Inventory Items/Services in Xero
  • 2. Creating stock tracked inventory Items in Xero
  • 3. Importing Inventory Items in Xero
  • 4. Setting up Inventory Opening Balances

Our 1 day #1  Xero Intermediate Training Course aims to enable you to handle day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping functions using Xero accounting software.

After attending our course, you will be able to perform everyday tasks as we have designed this training workshop extensively, making you learn and able to use Xero efficiently. This course covers extensive actual hands-on transaction handling from customer sales invoicing, supplier bills, making payments to suppliers and receiving payments from customers in different scenario – overpayment and underpayment transactions.  Issuance of credit notes and recording returns as well as Xero shortcut features to entering transactions even while doing your bank reconciliation and other important topics are also included in this course.

Processing Day to Day Transactions Handling Sales Transactions

  • 1. Recording Sales Quotes and converting into a new Sales Quote, Invoice, Purchase Order and Bill
  • 2. Recording Customer payments for invoices
  • 3. Recording customer credit note
  • 4. Recording Customer Prepayments
  • 5. Recording Customer Overpayments
  • 6. Recording Recurring Transactions or Repeating Sales Transactions

Sending Customer Invoices and Statements

  • 1. Generating PDF invoice and Statement
  • 2. Sending Invoices to customers

Managing Purchase Transactions

  • 1. Recording Purchase Orders and convert to another purchase or sales transaction
  • 2. Copy Bill to a sales or purchase document
  • 3. Recording Purchases Credit Note
  • 4. Recording Recurring or Repeating Purchases Transactions
  • 5. Recording payments to suppliers

Performing Bank Reconciliation in Xero

  • 1. Reconcile bank feeds or transactions from bank feeds
  • 2. Recording Transactions while reconciling
  • 3. Creating Bank Rules
  • 4. Generating Bank Reconciliation Summary

Navigating around Reports in Xero

  • 1. Getting familiar in generating financial reports in Xero
  • 2. Profit and Loss Report
  • 3. Statement of Financial Position or Balance Sheet
  • 4. Accounts and other Reports in Xero

Our #1 Xero Advanced Training Course is designed to enable you to learn advanced skills in using Xero software. This 1 day (7 hours) training includes using the Xero to Xero network key to automate sending/receipt of invoices and bills from suppliers or customers, performing stock take or inventory adjustments, multiple currency transactions, tracking categories, fixed assets and depreciation and other important topics.

  • Creating Inventory Adjustments in Xero
    • 1. Recording stock take and inventory adjustments in Xero
  • Multiple Currency Transactions
    • 2. Set up and add Multi Currency to your company
    • 3. Handing Multi-Currency Suppliers and Customers
  • Use of Tracking Categories
    • 4. Set up tracking categories
  • Fixed Assets and Depreciation
    • 5. Setup asset types
    • 6. Setup fixed assets register in Xero
    • 7. Running the periodic depreciation
  • Sales Tax Reports
    • 8. Sales Tax Summary and Sales Tax detail report
  • Manual Journal Adjustments and Repeating Journal Transactions
    • 9. Entering Manual journals and repeating journal transactions

Please email admin@mocdstudio.com for training schedules.


International Plaza – Beside Tanjong Pagar MRT

Please take note that:

  • Training Classes will be postponed if there are less than 6 attendees.
  • We can arrange a close class if your company have a minimum of 6 participants.
  • All payments are accepted using only Singapore dollars, and are non-exchangeable/non refundable for other products/items.

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To build a strong foundation on Xero, you will learn how to navigate and use the right commands to set up a new company in Xero. You will also learn how to set up chart of accounts, new bank accounts, beginning balances of accounts using this beautiful cloud-based system and you will appreciate the benefits of using cloud-based accounting software anytime, anywhere and in almost any devices

This is the sure way of making you ahead of the competition, be it at work or at business. Keep up with Xero cloud-based accounting software system with us. Click on the Contact Us form to get started on your way to become a Xero champion.

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