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5 Effective Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Your Microsoft Powerpoint presentation only goes so far, but a successful presentation does not simply end with good slides. Here are 5 effective PowerPoint presentation tips to try out for yourself: 1. Slide Master View Modify your slides and layouts quickly with Slide master view, which affects every slide in your presentation. You can choose to modify slides individually but for effects that you want ...
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Microsoft PowerPoint 2016: What’s Up Next?

With constant technological advancement, it is no surprise that the software programs we have grown to love are also improving as time goes by. You’ve seen what Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 can achieve, but that’s not all that it will be able to do! There are plans for Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 that are already under way. Here’s what is lined up for the software program: Image ...
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5 Reasons You Should Be Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 has been making big splashes in the market ever since it has been made available for download. The number of users converting to Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 has been steadily on the rise with each passing day. While the notion may seem like an inconvenience to you, here are 5 reasons why switching to PowerPoint 2016 is worth it: Convenience Access your powerpoint ...
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