Microsoft Excel 2013 Pivot Table Training Course (SkillsFuture Approved / PIC Claimable)

 Microsoft Excel 2013 Pivot Table Training Course

Microsoft Excel 2013 Pivot Table Training Course at $250 (SkillsFuture Approved / PIC Claimable)
After PIC Price: $150 (Company Sponsored)
SkillsFuture Covers 100% of Course Fees (Self Sponsored)

Introduction to Pivot Table

  • 1. What is Pivot Table
  • 2. Create Pivot Tables
  • 3. Editing Pivot Tables
  • 4. Updating Pivot-Table
  • 5. Filter Data
  • 6. Pivot Table Chart


  • 1. Pivot-Table Keyboard Shortcuts

Customizing Pivot Table

  • 1. How to add field
  • 2. How to remove field
  • 3. Moving Items with a field
  • 4. How to flip orientation
  • 5. Display More Information
  • 6. Grouping Items with numeric labels into ranges
  • 7. Group Items by Time or Date intervals
  • 8. Filtering Pivot-Table
  • 9. How to group pages into separate worksheets
  • 10. How to change the Pivot Table Report form
  • 11. How to hide and display Grand Totals and Subtotals
  • 12. How to display Subtotals for multiple fields in Row or Column
  • 13. How to format numbers
  • 14. How to use Data Slicer

Create Formula in a Pivot-Table Report

  • 1. How to add, create and delete a Calculated Field
  • 2. Calculated Item
  • 3. Using Running Total Summary Calculation
  • 4. Using a Difference Summary Calculation

Working with Styles

  • 1. How to create Pivot Table Styles in Pivot Table Excel 2013
  • 2. How to Copy Existing Pivot Tables Style
  • 3. Modifying and apply Pivot Tables Style

Print Settings

  • 1. Inserting Page Break after Each Item
  • 2. Printing Expand/ Collapse Buttons Displayed on Pivot Tables
  • 3. How to repeat row labels on every printed page
  • 4. How to set print titles
  • 5. How to print pivot charts


  • 1. How to Import Text File
  • 2. How to Import Access File
  • 3. How to Protect Pivot-Table Report


  • 1. How to consolidate multiple worksheets in Pivot Table
  • 2. How to consolidate data by using multiple Page Fields
  • 3. GetPivotData Function
  1. 26th April 2017, Wednesday, 9.30am to 5.30pm
  2. 31th May 2017, Wednesday, 9.30am to 5.30pm
  3. 27th June 2017, Tuesday, 9.30am to 5.30pm

Oasia Hotel Office Tower (PS100) or International Plaza – Beside Tanjong Pagar MRT

Microsoft Excel 2013 Pivot Table Training Courses Singapore (SkillsFuture Approved/PIC Claimable)

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Pivot Table is one of Excel’s most powerful feature. At our Microsoft Excel 2013 Pivot Table Training Course, you can use Pivot Tables in Excel to extract data from large and detailed data source, and present, analyze and summarize your data easily.

In this intensive 1 day Excel 2013 Excel Pivot Table training course, you would learn how to use Pivot Table Excel and get the most from your data.

Various practical scenarios and hands-on examples would be presented to enable you to advance in your usage of Excel. You would learn how to generate formulas in an Excel pivot table and create pivot tables easily. You will have better skills in creating reports and analyze your data better.