5 Excel Reference Guides You Cannot Miss

5 Excel Reference Guides

When you find yourself completely lost on a road, you look for direction signs to point you in the right direction. Using Excel is the same concept- if you are lost, you have to search for guidance. If you make mistakes, you troubleshoot. And what better way to grasp your way around by making use of reference guides? Here are some excel reference guides you should try:

1. Microsoft Office Excel Blog

When in doubt, go for the most credible or reputable source! And what can be more reliable than Microsoft Office? Their blog not only contains excel reference guides, but also commonly asked questions and resources for you to explore and learn as much as you can. So if you are lost, this is the right step to be headed towards.

2. Excel Tip

Excel Tip.com contains smart tips and guidelines that are easy for readers to follow, so if you are looking for reference guides then this should be your next stop. What’s more, this website even contains easily sharable links to social media sites- including Facebook and the standard networking sites, so you can share the information with your colleagues or store them somewhere you can easily find again.

3. Allen Wyatt’s Excel Ribbon

The convenient thing about Excel Ribbon is that they contain vast amounts of Excel reference guides and tutorials- neatly categorised so you don’t have to wade through useless information. The website has contributions from a lot of experienced professionals, one notable person would be Allen Wyatt himself, president of a computer and publishing service corporation.

4. ExcelJet

Need a reference for all the possible shortcuts Excel has? Waste no time trying to unearth all of them yourself. All you have to do, is visit ExcelJet. ExcelJet contains a bunch of articles, excel tutorials as a reference guide to all the Excel function shortcuts so make sure to bookmark them and refer to them as often as you need to, problem solved!

5. Excel Easy

True to it’s name, Excel Easy contains some of the most comprehensive excel reference guides on the internet. They offer full tutorials- right from the basics, combined with examples, situations, features/functions and more! Everything is taken into account and even an amateur in Excel will be able to understand and make use of the information obtained!

So here you go, some of the best excel reference guides there is on the internet currently. Don’t thank us yet- try it out, explore and see if you’re able to make sense of everything. You may even want to consider taking some excel tests to find out your current standing on excel so far!